Development Environment

My desktop


Neovim as an IDE

Check out my dotfiles repo for the most up-to-date configuration as this can change quite often. I’ll list some staples of my setup here.

  • vim-plug is a simple plugin manager that manages the 50+ vim plugins I have installed
  • fugitive is a wonderful way to work with Git from within GitHub.
  • fzf makes fuzzy finding anything in vim super easy


  • ZSH Shell
  • tmux terminal multiplexer
  • Homebrew package manager
  • fnm fast node version manager
  • bat pretty cat alternative
  • fzf fast fuzzy finder (useful in so, so many ways)
  • LazyDocker because I don’t know what I’m doing with Docker
  • ripgrep is a fast alternative to grep/ack/ag
  • gh official GitHub CLI

Browser extensions

I use Safari as my daily driver.

  • 1Password password manager. Everything sacred to me is in here
  • 1Blocker content blocker (I use it on iOS, too)
  • Dark Reader gives everything I want a dark mode
  • Octotree adds a file drawer to GitHub. it’s so handy!

I am also experimenting with Arc as a daily driver browser.

Desktop apps

These are the main apps I try to keep on my machine and ones that I use every day.

Productivity apps

  • Obsidian is where my second brain lives
  • OmniFocus is my task manager of choice
  • Drafts is an inbox for text on all my devices
  • Airmail is my mail app of choice because of its sharing / automation options
  • Fantastical is my calendar



Office setup

My desk

Desk and Chair

Audio/Video Equipment